RAM TECH - Web Personalities - Internet Services

We're not stupid. We know just about any monkey can develop a website. So why should you trust OUR monkeys with YOUR site? Because we're really not actual monkeys (so we're stating the obvious). Unlike actual monkeys we have real university degrees in information technology, design and computer science. More importantly, we have decades of real life experience in developing technology, truly big project management and multimedia marketing plus startup marketing and web design. Why else? Because we honestly care about our customers' businesses. Sure we need to make money. Just like you. But we're not in this so we can buy the latest gold plated banana peeler like our neighbors bought last week (well, maybe one or two wants that over-priced, poorly designed, made-cheaply, piece-of-monkey-brains new-fangled, gotta-keep-up-with-the-neighbors banana peeler but the rest of us are happy with our perfectly decent, cost effective, classic stainless models) (no, of course I don't have banana peeler envy!) (really).

All monkey business aside, RAM TECH has been working with computers and graphics and design since before the Internet was a household word. Go ahead, step around all those banana peels littering your floor and give us a shout. We know it's a jungle out there, why trust your website to just any old monkey?